How to use space efficiently

When designing a bedroom, laundry room or kitchen, one of the most important concepts homeowners will relay to their remodelers is the need for more space. But space cannot always be created – so it must be used more efficiently.

While large, walk-in closets are gaining popularity in today’s building market, not all pre-existing homes can accommodate the amount of area needed to install them. That’s why the way we use space – not the amount of space we actually have – is critical. Whether remodeling a small studio apartment or a four-bedroom home, efficient utilization of interior spaces makes it both beautiful and valued.

Open Closet Design

Much like an open floor plan, an open storage design eliminates harsh boundaries between rooms, creating the illusion of a more open space. Open closet designs also happen to be one of the most efficient ways to design storage spaces.

Old-school armoires and dressers are too hefty and take up too much space in the bedroom, and rolling racks are unattractive and unbalanced. Instead, choose professionally designed storage systems – like MasterSuite from ClosetMaid®. It provides a reach-in solution for easy access to clothing, shoes, accessories, and bags.

The best thing about open storage designs is they don’t stop at the bedroom. Pantries and laundry rooms can become immaculately organized with an open shelving system or reach-in closet solution by having everything front, center, and ready to grab. These systems take up a very minimal amount of space, leaving more room for homeowners to dedicate to kitchen islands, flat-screen TVs, and king size beds.

While open storage designs are great for efficient use of space, they can appear unattractive if not kept organized. If a homeowner just doesn’t have time to keep the area tidy, a closet curtain or pantry shutter will disguise any clutter that may arise.

Empty Vertical Space

Think about all of the untapped areas on walls, in corners, and above appliances that can be used to add more organized storage to a room. Sometimes, entire closet systems aren’t needed to add a quick fix to a new home design. For example, ClosetMaid’s ShelfTrack EliteTM shelves can be installed, adjusted and reconfigured to create the perfect nook storage space. Whether high or low, if there is available space on the wall, something can be stored there.

16 Nov 2022